Nordex N90/2500

2,50 MW
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Rated power:2,500.0 kW
Flexible power ratings:-
Cut-in wind speed:3.0 m/s
Rated wind speed:13.5 m/s
Cut-out wind speed:25.0 m/s
Survival wind speed:-
Wind zone (DIBt):-
Wind class (IEC):-


Diameter:90.0 m
Swept area:6,362.0 m²
Number of blades:3
Rotor speed, max:18.1 U/min
Tipspeed:85 m/s
Power density 1:393.0 W/m²
Power density 2:2.5 m²/kW

Gear box



Type:Double Fed Asyn
Speed, max:1,300.0 U/min
Voltage:660.0 V
Grid connection:IGBT
Grid frequency:50.0 Hz


Hub height:70/75/80/100/120 m
Type:Steel tube/Hybrid
Corrosion protection:painted


Single blade:-
Rotor:55.0 t
Nacelle:91.0 t
Tower, max:319.0 t
Total weight:465.0 t



Power curve


1x Nordex N60
used, Year 1997, 69m Germany
1x Nordex N43
used, Year 2000, 60m France
€ 65.000
1x Nordex N54
used, Year 1997, 60m Germany
€ 175.000
1x Nordex N29
used, Year 1996, 50m
2x Nordex N60
used, Year 1999, 69m
8x Nordex N80 Alpha
used, Year 2002, 80m France
2x Nordex N27/150
used, Year 1999 United States
€ 33.000
5x Nordex N80 Alpha
used, Year 2002, 80m
2x Nordex N29
used, 30m Ireland
€ 74.464
2x Nordex N27/150
used, Year 1998, 30m Ireland
€ 61.843
4x Nordex N27/150
used, Year 1994, 36m Denmark
€ 53.000
2x Nordex N27/150
used, Year 1993, 30m Denmark
€ 53.000
1x Nordex N27/150
used, Year 1994, 35m Germany
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There are no models to this Windturbine.


The wind turbine N90/2500 is a production of Nordex SE, a manufacturer from Germany. This manufacturer has been in business since 1985.

The rated power of Nordex N90/2500 is 2,50 MW. At a wind speed of 3,0 m/s, the wind turbine starts its work. the cut-out wind speed is 25,0 m/s.

The rotor diameter of the Nordex N90/2500 is 90,0 m. The rotor area amounts to 6.362,0 m². The wind turbine is equipped with 3 rotor blades. The maximum rotor speed is 18,1 U/min.

The Nordex N90/2500 is fittet with a spur/planetary gearbox. The gearbox has 3,0 stages.

In the generator, Nordex SE sets to Double Fed Asyn. The manufacturer has used one generator for the N90/2500. The maximum speed of the generator is 1.300,0 U/min. The voltage amounts to 660,0 V. At the mains frequency, the N90/2500 is at 50,0 Hz.

In the construction of the tower, the manufacturer uses Steel tube/Hybrid. As corrosion protection for the tower Nordex focuses on painted.

We have 5 pictures of this wind turbine. There are no models for this wind turbine. We have power data on the N90/2500 from the Nordex in the system. You can see the powercurve in the diagram above.

The Nordex N90/2500 has been listed since 20.10.2013. The last modification of the master data was made on 03.07.2017.

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