Senvion MM100

2,00 MW
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Rated power:2,000.0 kW
Flexible power ratings:-
Cut-in wind speed:3.0 m/s
Rated wind speed:11.0 m/s
Cut-out wind speed:22.0 m/s
Survival wind speed:-
Wind zone (DIBt):III
Wind class (IEC):IIb


Diameter:100.0 m
Swept area:7,854.0 m²
Number of blades:3
Rotor speed, max:13.9 U/min
Tipspeed:73 m/s
Manufacturer:Power Blades
Power density 1:254.6 W/m²
Power density 2:3.9 m²/kW

Gear box



Type:Double Fed Asyn
Speed, max:1,800.0 U/min
Voltage:690.0 V
Grid connection:IGBT
Grid frequency:50.0 Hz


Hub height:76.5/80/100 m
Type:Steel tube
Corrosion protection:painted


Single blade:8.5 t
Hub:17.5 t
Rotor:43.0 t
Nacelle:72.5 t
Tower, max:-
Total weight:-



Power curve


13x Senvion MM82
used, Year 2003, 59m
1x Senvion 3.4M140
new, Year 2019, 130m
€ 2.000.000
6x Gamesa G80
used, Year 2005, 60m Germany
€ 290.000
1x Gamesa G80
1x Enercon E-82 E2 2.000
1x AN Bonus 600/44 MK IV
used, 42m Sweden
1x Bonus B19/120
used, 23m Canada
€ 15.000
2x Enercon E-48
used, 50m Lithuania
1x GE General Electric GE 1.5s
used Moldova
6x Vestas V80-2.0
used Moldova
1x Nordex N90/2500
used, Year 2009, 80m Germany
€ 360.000
4x Vestas V44
used, Year 1996 Denmark
€ 80.000
1x Vestas V47
used, Year 2001, 65m
2x Vestas V25
used, 30m Germany
3x Micon M 530
used, 30m Poland
8x Bonus B23/150 Gittermast
used, 30m Poland
4x Bonus B23/150 Gittermast
used Poland
1x Nordex N60
used, Year 1997, 69m Germany
1x Vestas V25
used, Year 1994, 30m Germany
4x Vestas V27 WindWorld Tårn
used, Year 1994, 30m Germany
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Senvion MM100


The wind turbine MM100 is a production of Senvion SE, a manufacturer from Germany. This manufacturer has been in business since 2014. Since year 2019, Senvion SE is no longer active. The manufacturer was taken over by Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy.

The rated power of Senvion MM100 is 2,00 MW. At a wind speed of 3,0 m/s, the wind turbine starts its work. the cut-out wind speed is 22,0 m/s.

The rotor diameter of the Senvion MM100 is 100,0 m. The rotor area amounts to 7.854,0 m². The wind turbine is equipped with 3 rotor blades. The maximum rotor speed is 13,9 U/min.

The Senvion MM100 is fittet with a spur/planetary gearbox. The gearbox has 3,0 stages. Manufacturer of the transmission is Winergy.

In the generator, Senvion SE sets to Double Fed Asyn. The manufacturer has used one generator for the MM100. The maximum speed of the generator is 1.800,0 U/min. The voltage amounts to 690,0 V. At the mains frequency, the MM100 is at 50,0 Hz.

In the construction of the tower, the manufacturer uses Steel tube. As corrosion protection for the tower Senvion focuses on painted.

We have 12 pictures of this wind turbine. One model has been entered to the wind turbine. This is the Senvion MM100 - Desk model. We have power data on the MM100 from the Senvion in the system. You can see the powercurve in the diagram above.

The Senvion MM100 has been listed since 10.02.2014. The last modification of the master data was made on 31.03.2016.

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