Windey WD107-2000

2,00 MW
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Rated power:2,000.0 kW
Flexible power ratings:-
Cut-in wind speed:3.0 m/s
Rated wind speed:9.5 m/s
Cut-out wind speed:25.0 m/s
Survival wind speed:-
Wind zone (DIBt):-
Wind class (IEC):IIa


Diameter:107.0 m
Swept area:8,992.0 m²
Number of blades:3
Rotor speed, max:13.4 U/min
Tipspeed:75 m/s
Power density 1:222.4 W/m²
Power density 2:4.5 m²/kW

Gear box



Type:Double fed induction
Speed, max:1,800.0 U/min
Voltage:690.0 V
Grid connection:inverters
Grid frequency:50 Hz


Hub height:80/90/100 m
Type:steel tube
Corrosion protection:painted


Single blade:-
Tower, max:-
Total weight:-



Power curve

There are no power data deposited for this turbine.


6x Vestas V80-2.0
used Moldova
10x Vestas V80-2.0 Nearshore
used, Year 2001, 100m Germany
1x Bonus B76/2000
used, Year 1995, 60m
4x Vestas V80-2.0
used, Year 2005, 100m
3x Enercon E-70 E4 2.000
used, Year 2005, 65m Germany
€ 270.000
1x Vestas V90
used, Year 2006, 85m Germany
€ 477.500
2x NEG Micon NM 72/2000
used, Year 2000, 65m Germany
€ 115.000
8x Vestas V80-2.0
used, Year 2003, 60m
7x Enercon E-66/20.70
used, Year 2003, 85m
1x Vestas V90
used, Year 2004, 80m
1x Vestas V80-2.0
used, Year 2004, 100m
1x Vestas V80-2.0
used, Year 2014, 100m United States
€ 23.500
4x Vestas V80-2.0
used, Year 2002, 78m
2x Vestas V80-2.0
used, Year 2002, 78m
2x Vestas V80-2.0
used, Year 2001, 60m
3x Enercon E-70 E4 2.000
used, Year 2005, 65m Germany
3x Vestas V90
used, Year 2007, 105m Germany
€ 6.285.000
2x Gamesa G87
used, Year 2005, 78m
1x Vestas V90
used, Year 2004, 80m
1x Vestas V80-2.0
used, 78m
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There are no models to this Windturbine.


The wind turbine WD107-2000 is a production of Zhejiang Windey Co., Ltd. , a manufacturer from China.

The rated power of Windey WD107-2000 is 2,00 MW. At a wind speed of 3 m/s, the wind turbine starts its work. the cut-out wind speed is 25 m/s.

The rotor diameter of the Windey WD107-2000 is 107 m. The rotor area amounts to 8.992 m². The wind turbine is equipped with 3 rotor blades. The maximum rotor speed is 13,4 U/min.

The Windey WD107-2000 is fittet with a spur/planetary gearbox. The gearbox has 3 stages.

In the generator, Zhejiang Windey Co., Ltd. sets to Double fed induction. The manufacturer has used one generator for the WD107-2000. The maximum speed of the generator is 1.800 U/min. The voltage amounts to 690 V. At the mains frequency, the WD107-2000 is at 50 Hz.

In the construction of the tower, the manufacturer uses steel tube. As corrosion protection for the tower Windey focuses on painted.

Unfortunately there are no photos available for this wind turbine. There are no models for this wind turbine. Power data for the WD107-2000 of Windey are not stored in the system.

The Windey WD107-2000 has been listed since 19.05.2015.

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