Aeolos Wind Turbine

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Aeolos Wind Turbine
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United Kingdom
London WC1N 3AX
Zip code:
27 Old Gloucester Street
Web page:
+44 208 242 1884
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Turbines (16)

Aeolos Aeolos-V 1kW
1,00 kW
Aeolos Aeolos-H 1kW
1,00 kW
Aeolos Aeolos-H 2kW
2,00 kW
Aeolos Aeolos-V 3kW
3,00 kW
Aeolos Aeolos-H 3kW
3,00 kW
Aeolos Aeolos-V 5kW
5,00 kW
Aeolos Aeolos-H 5kW
5,00 kW
Aeolos Aeolos-V 10kW
10,00 kW
Aeolos Aeolos-H 10kW
10,00 kW
Aeolos Aeolos-H 20kW
20,00 kW
Aeolos Aeolos-H 30kW
30,00 kW
Aeolos Aeolos-H 50kW
50,00 kW
Aeolos Aeolos-H 60kW
60,00 kW
Aeolos Aeolos-V 300W
0,30 kW
Aeolos Aeolos-H 500W
0,50 kW
Aeolos Aeolos-V 600W
0,60 kW


45x MHI Vestas Offshore V117-4.2 MW
used, Year 1987, 42m United States
€ 35.000
1x Nordex N43
used, 40m Germany
1x Nordex N43
used, Year 1998 Germany
1x NEG Micon NM 48/750
used, Year 2000, 60m Germany
1x enair E30 PRO
used, Year 1995 Germany
1x Vestas V52
used, 74m Italy
1x Bonus B33/300
used, Year 1998, 40m Germany
3x Vestas V27
new Germany
1x Tacke TW 300
used, Year 1995, 50m Germany
€ 10.000
1x AN Bonus 150/30
used, Year 1994, 30m Switzerland
€ 1
1x NEG Micon NM 48/600
used, Year 1998 Poland
€ 24.000
1x NEG Micon NM 48/750
used Germany
1x NEG Micon NM 43/600
used, Year 1999, 43m Finland
1x DeWind D6 62/1000
used, Year 2003 Germany
2x ecotècnia ECO 20/150
used Poland
2x Nordex N62
used, Year 2000, 80m Germany
€ 300.000
16x Bonus B62/1300
used, Year 2000, 48m France
€ 40.000
2x Bonus B62/1300
used Germany
1x Senvion MM82
used, 59m Germany
9x Senvion MM82
used, Year 2009, 59m Germany
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All turbines from Aeolos Wind Turbine with sweapt area (m²)


Aeolos Wind Turbine is based in United Kingdom. There you can find him in town London WC1N 3AX. In addition to this, there are 27 more manufacturers from United Kingdom listed with us. The address of Aeolos Wind Turbine is London WC1N 3AX, 27 Old Gloucester Street. In the Internet the manufacturer Aeolos Wind Turbine can be found via the website The phone number of the manufacturer is +44 208 242 1884. By e-mail contact can be made via Even if we try to keep the contact information up to date, we can not guarantee correctness.

With us you will find facts and photos to 16 wind turbines produced by Aeolos Wind Turbine. These include Aeolos-V 1kW (1,00 kW), Aeolos-H 1kW (1,00 kW) and Aeolos-H 2kW (2,00 kW), among others. We have 16 pictures of Aeolos Wind Turbine wind turbines and models.

The wind turbine with the highest rated power is the Aeolos Aeolos-H 60kW with 60,00 kW. The lowest rated power is provided by the Aeolos Aeolos-V 300W with 0,30 kW. As with the rated power, the Aeolos Aeolos-H 60kW is also equipped with the largest rotor area, which amounts to 390,4m². With 1,1m², the Aeolos Aeolos-V 300W has the smallest rotor area with the lowest rated power.

The manufacturer Aeolos Wind Turbine has been listed since 27.05.2018.

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