FloWind Corporation

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FloWind Corporation
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United States
San Rafael CA
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A Street 900
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  • Improved blade bearing for GE 2.5-100
  • Blade bearing for Senvion MM100
  • Blade bearing for Senvion MD80/82
  • Blade bearing for Senvion MD70/77
  • Blade bearing for Siemens SWT 2.3-101
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Turbines (2)

FloWind FloWind 17
142,00 kW
FloWind FloWind 19
250,00 kW


1x Kenetech KCS-56
used, Year 1985, 18m
1x Atlantic Orient AOC 15/50
used, 20m Netherlands
€ 60.500
2x Atlantic Orient AOC 15/50
used, Year 2002, 20m United Kingdom
€ 56.795
1x AN Bonus 600/44 MK IV
used, 42m Sweden
1x Bonus B19/120
used, 23m Canada
€ 15.000
2x Enercon E-48
used, 50m Lithuania
1x GE General Electric GE 1.5s
used Moldova
6x Vestas V80-2.0
used Moldova
1x Nordex N90/2500
used, Year 2009, 80m Germany
€ 360.000
4x Vestas V44
used, Year 1996 Denmark
€ 80.000
1x Vestas V47
used, Year 2001, 65m
2x Vestas V25
used, 30m Germany
3x Micon M 530
used, 30m Poland
8x Bonus B23/150 Gittermast
used, 30m Poland
4x Bonus B23/150 Gittermast
used Poland
1x Nordex N60
used, Year 1997, 69m Germany
1x Vestas V25
used, Year 1994, 30m Germany
4x Vestas V27 WindWorld Tårn
used, Year 1994, 30m Germany
12x W2E Wind to Energy W2E-100/2.5
new, Year 2011, 85m United States
12x Vestas V52
used, Year 2002, 70m Germany
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FloWind Corporation is based in United States. There you can find him in town San Rafael CA. In addition to this, there are 56 more manufacturers from United States listed with us. The address of FloWind Corporation is San Rafael CA, 94901, A Street 900.

With us you will find facts and photos to the two wind turbines FloWind 17 (142,00 kW) and FloWind 19 (250,00 kW) produced by FloWind Corporation.

The wind turbine with the highest rated power is the FloWind FloWind 19 with 250,00 kW. The lowest rated power is provided by the FloWind FloWind 17 with 142,00 kW. As with the rated power, the FloWind FloWind 19 is also equipped with the largest rotor area, which amounts to 340m². With 260m², the FloWind FloWind 17 has the smallest rotor area with the lowest rated power.

The manufacturer FloWind Corporation has been listed since 07.01.2013. The last modification of the master data was made on 27.01.2013.

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